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A pandemic-born writer with the soul of a philomath. I write about anything and everything that touches my life.

Giloy /Guduchi— The Indian herb with strong immunity boosting capacity

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Everyone is talking about Giloy, an Indian Herb. By its looks, it's actually a herbaceous vine of the family Menispermaceae indigenous to tropical regions of the Indian subcontinent. Scientifically it is known as Tinospora Cordifolia, and locally known as Giloy, Guduchi (in Hindi), Moonseed, and Amrita (in Sanskrit).

Many researchers, Ayurvedic experts, including various news articles and channels are promoting Giloy, amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. But Why?

Tinospora Cordifolia has a broad spectrum of immunotherapeutic properties ranging from antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic antidiabetic, antihepatotoxic, antibacterial properties and has relatively low toxicity.

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”Walt Disney

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Knowledge is power, and for an Entrepreneur, being loaded with an updated set of skills, understanding the market dynamics and being prepared at the individual level is of utmost necessity.

Of course, each entrepreneur is already skilled and witty, and the reading list may not fit all of your business contexts. I believe every book has a lived experience and a story of its own, that can surely provide a giveaway.

1. How to Win Over Friends & Influence People, By Dale Carnegie

Absolutely free courses, for every entrepreneur wanting to make their presence felt.!

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Learning is lifelong, and for an entrepreneur, an attitude of seeking knowledge and staying updated is a must. It can take an entrepreneur to next level and also helps stay on top of the game. But upskilling can take a good amount of time and money. Upskilling with minimum cost can be the best way out here and free skill learning courses can be a great way out here.

Let me not beat around the bush and come straight to the point. I am spilling the secret here…

Succeed together in life and business with this reading list

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Couples with the same career path or with a hectic daily scheduled work-life can be tough for their personal lives.

When the entire world is already talking about personal and professional work-life balance, how can we ignore the work-life balance of couples?

Here is a reading list for those couples who are in partnership, entrepreneurs or are having dual careers.

1. Project Relationship: The Entrepreneur’s Action Plan for Passionate, Sustainable Love

Everything has to evolve, or else it perishes — John Knowles

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The person you were once has changed into a new person. It has evolved into a new person, who has adjusted as per the situational requirements and the cultural standards. It happens because you are given a choice to either evolve or perish. When given such an opportunity, it is wiser to make the choice of evolving, than perishing.

Here are the 40 easy ways which can help you evolve into a better person.

  1. Make meditation a part of your daily routine.
  2. Set Goals — Smaller and Greater —…

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Nikola Tesla was a genius scientist and very much obsessed with the numbers 3, 6, and 9. Why would he not be so? The 3- and 9-fold symmetries of nature, 360° in a circle, and the need of 21 days say it all.

From the spiritual point of view, the chanting of mantras is done 108 times.

All these numbers are divisible by 3.

How do you use the code to manifest?

Step 1: Write your desire down in a paper. Ex: “I wish to buy a car.”

Step 2: Write it 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times at night, before sleep.

By writing it 18 times, your focus and energy get channelized. It gets recorded in the subconscious mind, and you start taking action towards it.

Step 3: Continue it straight for 45 days.

When things get tough, it’s not the end.

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It’s only a sign that things can get better if we push ahead — Tobi S Daniel

Circumstances improve gradually if you assume tough times to be only a sign of improvement. Push it through somehow. It would have been a fantastic phenomenon if that “somehow” was like a cakewalk.

Such times are part and parcel of everyone’s life. …

Sushmita Kerketta

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